Online Digital Marketing For Beginners Full positive Guide In 2023

How you can learn Digital Marketing Online for free and start making money using thise skills 

whether you are someone who already is in digital marketing field or has started their career in digital marketing or you are someone who wants to start from the scratch this particular step wise process is for you now if you are someone who is just starting in digital marketing this whole process until you start monetizing your skills can take somewhere between one to two months and once you start monetizing your skills you should be expecting somewhere between ten dollars to forty dollars per hour the good thing about this process is that you will not need any kind of investment except probably a laptop and internet as well as your efforts you will put in learning these digital marketing skills now all this might sound like a clickbait and you might be wondering whether these claims are realistic the short answer to this is these are all realistic claims and i will show you proof that i have done some projects myself and i have trained a lot of people to do the same and also before we jump into the actual process and i show you the step-by-step guide i want to explain why i mentioned clickbait.

how to do performance marketing this is the first video where i kind of link these technical skills to how you can use those skills to make money now why i changed the content for this particular video let me explain now a few days ago this particular video popped up on my youtube and i was really curious and i clicked on this particular video i watched this video basically what this person in this video is saying is against these guys now if you see these videos here these thumbnails all of them claim that the same thing how to you can make money online but their claims are a bit unrealistic because they have kind of inflated the numbers which you should expect by making money but overall what they are saying is right now basically what this guy is saying is these guys might be right but the expectations they are setting is wrong and they themselves have not done this before and they don’t even belong to this particular field so what i did is i checked all the credentials of these people here and i checked their linkedin profiles i ].  checked their youtube and i agree with this person here that they are not relevant to digital marketing field now what they are doing is they are just riding the trend of these videos are doing good and they are just creating these videos by looking at others content now when i watch these videos from these people it’s very clear that they don’t even understand what google ads is they don’t even understand in some videos they just mentioned like okay the good one of the good platforms is google ad manager and i’m sure they don’t understand what google ad manager does and on the other hand dorian mentions in his video that he’s not from this field and he’s not completely sure if somebody knows.


he should comment but he had his doubts based on the videos he watched here now from all this what i understand is people are interested to learn digital marketing skills but they are also interested to know that how they can monetize their skills it’s clear from all these videos that the number of views they are getting so i decided that okay i am telling people how to learn digital marketing how to earn different skills then i should be able to tell them that how they canmonetize these skills as well because i already have an experience in all this and a year ago i was really curious to know that how a digital marketer can monetize their skills so i tried a lot of things in this year and i just want to give you a quick sneak peek among all those results so that you are able to have right expectations as well as you are confident after i show you the process that you can put all your hard work in there and you can start making money as well now the first thing i want to show you is the youtube channel where you are watching this video i started this a year ago and i am at 22 000 subscribers in one year which is above average and if you look at the cpm rates here for example in last 28 days uh the playback based cpm is 21 almost 22 dollars and if you look at last 90 days it’s around 21 which is very rare because the cpm’s about 10is very rare now the other thing i did is i started a blog which is still tiny if you go to my website here and if you look at the blog i just have like nine blogs. which are very small as well like i i would say not even more than thousand words if you look at this blog for example it’s just like maybe twop ages and that’s alla nd this blog is monetized already as well so i’m just monetizing the blog pages and this page toolkit just for experimentation so if you go to toolkit you go to these pages on my website you will see ads and it’s already monetized and i have started this blog like a year ago and probably one blog every month and very small blogs as well so that was the second stream i did now apart from this i also tried a udemy because i used to create videos for youtube so i put the same videos in form of courses on udemy where i got almost 1100 sub paid students in one year now i know that udemy is not easy you have to create courses thoughtfully which people will actually pay for now apart from that i also wanted to check and experience how we can monetize these skills on freelancing platforms like upwork and freelancer and if you see here i have done one project like.


i just wanted to experience so this google data studio from which i earned like 35  dollars obviously i’ll tell you more  about this when i’m explaining how to do  this but this is just to give you an  idea now apart from this i have done a  lot of other freelancing projects with  companies where i helped agencies to  upscale their team to help them to set  up a team for performance marketing as  well as i have done on youtube audits  and apart from that i have done a lot of  consultancy projects as well now why i’m  telling you all this information is to  so that you are sure when i show you the  process you’re sure you put all your  efforts without any hesitation so and  you are able to make money in one or two  months so i have divided this whole  process into three steps for some it can  take a month for some it can take up to  two months depending upon how much time  and how much efforts you put into this  particular process now the three steps  of this process are the first one is  learn the fundamentals and get certified  now if you already know the basics of  all these platforms which i’m going to  show you probably can skip the first  part the second part of this is be good  at it this is very important and i will  tell you exactly how you can be good at  it which will actually help you to make  even more money or start making money  fast the third one is start making money  which i will explain in this video as  well so let’s jump into my laptop now if  you see here the first way to understand  the fundamentals and to get certified is  you have to go to this website called  skill shop dot with now this  is a learning management system from  google where they put all the resources  about all their platforms for free now  you can find all google courses here  about all their platforms and the  courses are structured in a very good  way where you will learn the concepts  and in certain cases in certain courses  they have some practice  modules as well now once you go to  you need is a gmail email address this  is important because once you have the  certifications they are linked to your  gmail email id and if you are working  for an agency and you want to become a  google partner you have to link that  email address with your work email as  well so that google can give you a  partner batch  now about this platform if you go here  now what once you are on the home page  what you see here is explore now on  explore you will see all the platforms  the courses are categorized platform  wise now if you are a beginner you don’t  have to look anywhere else except google  ads because that is where most of the  opportunities are and that’s where you  can make a lot of money which i will  explain later then the second tab is get  certified once you understand these  courses once you do these courses then  you can get certified in google ads  now for this video what you have to do  is the first thing you do is you click  on sign in  now i’m already logged in with my  account let’s say i will log in with  senator v show ads.


now it will ask me a lot of information  about my profile like email address the  first name last name country company so  i will say let’s say  i will do united arab emirates  and then company i will select anything  senator v run ads and then company email  is senator vron ads you can  give your company email address because  it will help you if you are looking to  get become a google partner then we have  connect google ads you can skip this and  you can anyways come back later if you  need and uh link your google ads account  even if you have it now once i click on  continue i will be redirected on this  screen welcome to skill shop and it  tells me about the platform so this is  where you will be landed to now on this  platform if you go here if you go to  home page here it will show you that  what are the courses if you have if you  are already uh have done some courses it  will show you all you have the courses  you have done what does google recommend  you to do next but what where you have  to go is browse now in browse it will  show you all topics which is all  platforms if you see here you can browse  courses related to google ads google for  education google marketing platform  google analytics google my business ad  manager and all of that but for now if  you are a beginner i would like you to  focus on only google ads  because google ads is so vast there’s so  many opportunities there and honestly i  believe that google ads is like the  mother of all advertising platforms now  once you enter the google ads what you  will see here is the first one is google  ads certifications where you can go  after you have finished your courses and  after you have finished your  fundamentals so the first thing i want  you to start is start from here so the  first priority is you have to learn  google ads search then you have to learn  google ads discovery then display then  google ads video shopping google ads  measurement and as much as you can but  at least you have to do google ads  search discovery google ads display and  video and shopping ads these are the  most five important modules now you can  just do google ads search and start  making money but i would recommend to do  at least google ads search and google  ads video which is youtube advertising  because you will find a lot of projects  freelancing projects regarding google  ads search and video but then shopping  is also a booming field so any  e-commerce website they need shopping  ads so the priority for i would say is  google ads search is the first one  google ads video which is youtube  advertising is the second one then the  third priority is shopping ads and then  i would say google ads discovery and  google ads display  now once you are done  in all these platforms what you can do  for example if i click on google ad  search  now it will take me to this page where  it will show all these certifications  they have regarding google ads search  now honestly if you do like all these  certifications regarding google search  you can easily become an expert in  google ad search now the good thing  about most at least google ads is it’s a  free to access platform you can create  an account and you can practice as much  as you want for free so i would say if  you are just focusing on google search  and you do all these certifications and  you create an account and practice there  is no  you can easily become an expert in  google search now you have to go through  all of these certifications one by one  for example if you look here it will  tell you the details earn a google ad  search certification and its 3.7 hours  course including the certification and  the content then learn the fundamentals  of google ad search learn how to create  google  search campaigns they are all beginner  and then you have intermediate optimized  google ads search campaign explore  search ads optimization best practice  and then there is one more google ads  tutorial search beginner so what you do  is initially click on beginner  finish all the  courses then you click on here you  filter by intermediate and finish all  these courses  now if you look here if i click on let’s  say this one google ads certification  now the content of this course is in  i mean the google skill shop the content  is put in a very very uh structured way  so that your learning experience is good.


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