Online Digital Marketing For Beginners Full positive Guide In 2023 Part 2


now it will tell you the details about  this particular certification you can  click on get started directly or you it  will show you prepare for the  certification this is if you already  have been through the course  you clicked on get started it will take  you through courses there are multiple  courses where it will give you examples  real life examples and tell you about  different concepts then after that  before you can i mean attempt the  certification because in google  skill shop if i go for google ads  search  exam for certification and if i don’t  pass the pass percentage is around 80  if i don’t pass for 24 hours i cannot  attempt this exam again now what you  have to do is once you click on get  started you will go through different  modules then you will have do and  knowledge check assessment before the  course it’s like a  test for the test and then click on pass  the assessment or what you can do is you  can study google ads search optional  these are like the additional uh topics  on this course i would suggest to go  through everything in this particular  course and once you finish this you go  back to skill shop then click on learn  fundamentals of google search once you  finish all these courses then go back so  once you are done with all the modules  and these courses in google ads and you  do the certification then you would move  to youtube then shopping then google ads  display now this is  more than enough to make a lot of money  and to continuously get projects  now the good thing about this is now  once you have these certifications it  will not help you to just do the  freelance projects it will also help you  if you are looking for a job.


for example  i have been in this  particular industry for like 10 years  even i have done a lot of certification  so if you go to my profile with these  certifications what you can do is you  can also add it to your linkedin for  example if you go to my  profile and license and certifications i  have like 16 certifications done some in  2018 and you can link all these  certifications here for example  like these i have done regarding uh  dfp and ad exchange but similarly you  will have something for your uh google  ad certifications you can even link it  this way once you click on see  credentials and you can link anyone can  come to your profile they can see your  certification with the qr code and these  certifications honestly carry a weight  even if you’re looking for a job and you  go for an interview if you look at my  resume i have one video here which talks  about my resume where i show my uh  resume i have added these certifications  and resume  in my resume as well uh if you are a  fresher you don’t have work experience  you can add these certifications in your  resume so that is the first part of our  process which is get certified and learn  the fundamentals even if you do just  google search this is more than enough  to get a lot of projects but i would  recommend to learn google search  shopping ads youtube as well as display  now once you’re done with this step the  second step is get good at what you  learned for example if you just learned  google ads now what you have to do is  you have to practice a lot you create a  google ads account for free where you  can assume that you’re working for a  particular client in a particular  industry let’s say nissan dubai or in  your case whatever you can choose a real  estate client an actual client with  their website and once you’re done with  the course you will know the process how  to do the keyword research how to  actually create campaigns how to even  optimize campaigns but to be really good  at this you might need to put some more  effort so that’s where the second step  comes in which is get good at what you  learned now the best way to get good at  what you learned is i would say for  example you learned google ads now you  have to go to youtube where there are a  lot of courses about google ads which  will show you with practical examples  those are experts from the industry some  of them have 10 years experience 15  years experience even.


and if you watch that playlist  or from any other expert on youtube you  will be really good at it because you  will have a lot of confidence now if  you’re someone who doesn’t want to go to  youtube who doesn’t want to see ads  there are a lot of courses on udemy as  well but trust me i have seen udemy as  well as youtube you have a lot of good  content on youtube as well so once you  have these certifications and you are  you have even done a particular course  on youtube regarding google ads or  youtube advertising the second thing you  have to keep in mind is this is a very  dynamic industry now that you have  chosen to work in this industry and you  have put efforts to learn different  technologies or platforms you need to  keep ahead of your competition with  what’s going on because it’s a very  dynamic feel and things keep changing  for that there is a resource called  google ads help if you just search for  google ads help in google search you  will be redirected to this particular forward slash google  ads now on this particular website there  is a section called announcements now  you need to continuously go and check  this particular page because any new  feature that google ads comes up with  they post it here with all the details  for example  uh  an easier way to import offline  conversions let’s say deliver more  engaging search ads with improvements to  ad extension so let’s say if i click on  read more it looks like that google has  come up with some  improvements in their ad extensions so  you can learn all of that here and so  that you can keep a track of what’s  going on in this industry now once you  are done with these steps trust me you  will be an expert and you will be able  to run campaigns start campaigns run  campaigns optimize campaigns and run  profitable campaigns overall digital  marketing is no rocket science these all  platforms including google ads are  intended to be used by end customers but  it just needs some efforts to learn the  fundamentals and practice a little bit  now once you’re done with these two  steps it leads us to the third steps  which is actually one of the important  steps how to monetize your skills now  you learned all this how can you  monetize now initially in the beginning  before you have a lot of business  acquaintances you have clients who can  refer you the easiest one of the easiest  way is freelancing website for example  in this case let’s go to upwork upwork  is also one of the  good websites where you can find  freelancing contracts now if you look at  upwork for example i just wanted to  experience it as i told you before what  i did is i went to upwork i created a  profile which is straightforward it  tells you if you have any certifications  what kind of skills you have  and then i saw one of  the project which was about google data  studio here now because i just wanted to  experience it because i don’t want to  sell time like this because i have other  projects i do so i looked at this  particular project which was about  google data studio this person here my  client he wanted he had a data in an  excel sheet and he wanted to create a  data studio uh dashboard for which the  he will in the back end he will update  the data in the excel sheet and in the  dashboard.


he should see the  visualization of that particular report  now i am an intermediate to expert  somewhere between that in terms of  google data studio it is another  platform like we discussed google ads so  google data studio is another platform  which obviously you can do the course on  google uh skill shop as well but this  will be probably later the first  priority should be google ads now i  looked at the requirement this client  had what i did is i went to google data  studio and i had created some dashboards  i quickly uh copied one dashboard  changed the data and sent him a  screenshot told him see this is what i  have done and if you want i can do this  for you as well obviously it took me one  and a half hours  maybe two hours i don’t even remember uh  and he paid me 30 the total budget was  20 but he ended up paying me 35 for this  particular project and this is actually  the data studio report i did for him  obviously i have changed the data for uh  non-disclosure agreement so this is the  dashboard he i created for him from the  excel sheet and it took me like one and  a half to two hours maybe so this is an  edit view let me show you how it looks  so this is how it looks it has multiple  pages and this is all the data now  you don’t have to stick to upwork only  there are a lot of other websites who do  it because i think that is freelancer  and i i’m not sure about all of them but  i know upwork and freelancer are one of  the biggest but the interesting thing is  when you go to upwork uh what i realized  is i was just going through before  making this video  so i searched for people who just know  google ads so if you see here  uh  so i it’s like how clients find you and  uh so this person here let’s say steve b  he’s a google ad specialist and his  hourly rate is 105 dollars per hour and  he has made one million dollars plus  already and he’s just google ad  specialist now there is one more google  ad specialist and he has also made  hundred thousand dollars  plus and his hourly rate is 63 but  obviously these are like  people who have experience  for six  years or even above but when you start  the realistic uh figure i could find is  you can make somewhere between 10 to 40  dollars obviously depending on once you  start obviously initially you might have  to do projects on 10 dollars per hour  but once you start doing projects and  people give you ratings obviously you  can then increase your price for example  in my case the project i did uh my  client gave me five star now obviously  if i was serious and i wanted to do this  full time i would have more clients once  i have like five star ratings i would  obviously increase my prices  but this is just to give you an example  for example uh  if we just look at youtube  ads so let’s say youtube ads  now if you see here there are people who  are youtube ad specialist because they  did some projects they liked it and if  they’re focusing on youtube ads now  youtube ads is a part of google ads but  these guys are super specialized they  just focus on youtube ads  their rate his rate is 150 dollars per  hour and there are a lot of people from  across the world  now this person is 85 dollars per hour  and let’s say  kuldeep s he is facebook ad specialist  google ad specialist and seo now there  are some people who are okay this one uh  this person here he is just youtube seo  expert he just looks at youtube now his  hourly rate is 35 dollars.

he has also  made more than hundred thousand dollars  already and on upwork only as well so if  you click on here he will have details  now why i’m showing you this is because  when you create your profile on upwork  and  freelancer or any other websites just  look at these top uh profiles and create  like write your  headline like write your details in the  same way like they have done so if you  see here there might be education and in  certain cases  most of the people have different  profiles here and they have already  added what kind of certifications you  have now you might be wondering that why  i focus so much on certifications  because initially when you start working  on freelance projects when you see  because in these all the websites have  i mean uh different workflows but  overall what they do is you click on  find work once you are done with your  courses you’ll click on find work you  will search here for let’s say uh  google ads let’s say  search ads now let’s say you are a  search ads expert you will search for  projects which are related to search  only let’s say  let me find something relevant google  ads promotion now you will click on this  project they have given all the details  they have given what is the hourly rate  they can pay okay in this case it’s a  fixed price of 500  and obviously you’ll go through all the  details and once you think that okay  you’re good for this you know how to do  this you can click on all of them are  basics like you have to set up a  campaign you have to help them create an  account or optimize the campaigns which  is you which you will learn in step one  trust me  but i just asked you to do the step two  just  to make sure that you are very good  before you start then you click on  submit a proposal once you click on  submit a proposal that’s where you will  use your certifications so in your  response to this particular  profile you can mention in your response  that okay in your cover letter that see  these are the certifications i have done  if you have already done some projects  then you can add  these project screenshots and whatnot  but also you can add like uh tell them  that initially if you don’t have any  projects you can tell them listen  i have done these certifications this is  my google ads account i can add you as a  user i can show you what kind of dummy  campaigns i have done so that you can go  through the structure and the research  and the keywords i have done and in the  beginning that will be really helpful so  guys that’s honestly all uh for this  video i hope this was helpful for you in  any way again i’m telling you like you  have to put be confident just put your  efforts if you are seriously looking at  bringing a freelancer and learning  digital marketing skills not just for  freelancing projects actually for jobs  as well the process is same the first  two steps are same i have seen a lot of  people being successful in this and i  wish you all the luck i would again say  just put all your mind and heart in this  for a month or two and i’m sure that you  will be able to create your monetization  streams from all these skills thank you  so much i will see you in the next one


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