How to Become a Digital Marketer

Businesses spend two thirds of their advertising budget on digital channels hence digital marketers are getting in demand hi guys this is kavya from this blog and welcome to this video on how to become a digital marketer at first let’s have a look at the agenda we’ll start with why you should become a digital marketer followed by who is a digital marketer we’ll then have a quick look at the digital marketing skills along with real job descriptions and finally we will address the learning path how to become a digital marketer but before we get started make sure you subscribe to our articalsand hit the bell icon to never miss an update also if you are interested in online training certification do check out the link given in the description with that let’s get started to why you should become a digital marketer first and foremost you may consider the fact that you can practice digital marketing as a freelancer and make it your own business and from the perspective of job opportunities in india for digital marketers we have more than a thousand vacant

Jobs and in the us even higher than 13 000 vacant jobs if we consider the tech hubs in these countries bangalore alone has 360 plus jobs and california has more than 2 000 vacant jobs this data is based on an analysis conducted using indeed and glassdoor one factor that might interest you to become a digital marketer is the pay in india a fresher is paid about five lakh forty six thousand rupees per year and in the us the pay is about sixty one thousand dollars annually this again is based on an analysis using glassdoor so you know.

Digital Marketing

This is the average for freshers with increase in experience the salary shall increase too with the right skills you may get the opportunity to work in top-notch companies such as google accenture tcs cognizant etc so wait no longer to get started in this lucrative career next let’s see who exactly is a digital marketer digital marketer is a marketer who performs a form of marketing done on digital devices such as mobile phones computers and tablets using platforms such as search engines websites emails social media and mobile application to help reach a greater audience with lesser expenses broadly talking about digital marketing the marketer may work in different kinds of domains the six main branches among them are content marketing where the quality of your content is most crucial seo or search engine optimization ppc or pay-per-click affiliate marketing where another platform is paid to promote your work social media marketing using facebook twitter instagram etc and email marketing now let’s understand the roles and responsibilities of a digital.


Marketer in Digital Marketing :

It includes to analyze digital data to draw key recommendations around website optimization conduct social media audits to ensure best practices are being used and maintain digital dashboard of several different accounts coordinate with sales team to create marketing campaigns prepare emails to send out to customers monitor key online marketing matrix to track success create and maintain online listings across e-commerce platforms they also need to ensure that the brand message is consistent now let’s look into the skills required by a digital marketer for that let’s look into a job description to get the real skills or look for in this jd posted by reliance the digital marketer is required to develop digital campaigns analyze data and metrics analyze marketing campaigns optimize media strategy build dashboards to monitor content sales revenue etc track digital marketing initiatives analytics and reporting using google or facebook analytics and repeatedly mentioned communication skills but why stick to just one job let’s look into a few more this job description was posted by accenture there again we can see the requirements of knowledge in seo campaigning through email and social media creating ppc strategy along with keyword research and optimization social media tools and campaigns email marketing digital campaigns digital analytics management and communication.

Skills in Digital Marketing:

Similarly in the job description for digital marketing specialist as posted by slice we can see strategies preparing newsletters emails content marketing social media marketing and promotion digital marketing concepts experience with b2b social media email marketing and once again excellent communication to sum it up through all the mini job descriptions we see that the skills required by digital marketer includes keyword planning and optimization search engine marketing on google console email marketing social media marketing on facebook instagram twitter etc analytical tools such as google analytics digital marketing campaigning content marketing and of course some communication skills with the skills in mind now let’s understand the learning path how to become a digital marketer just like any other career path to become a digital marketer you need to follow a certain road map for Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Start off by getting a degree though it’s not necessary but it is preferred to have graduated in commerce with marketing as a subject next on the desired skills as we just talked about the skills required go and learn them now if you are looking for free resources check out  that provides in-depth artical lectures for you to understand if you are more of a reader you may also check out the this blogs series. where many blogs are devoted to digital marketing alone next go ahead and get some hands-on experience in digital marketing in case of digital marketing it is important for you to practice as you learn after learning each skill try to find a way to execute it also to combine all these steps you can get into a well-defined learning path with hands-on activities you may get certified in digital marketing check out the digital marketing certification training course by this blog which covers all the required skills.

It is specifically designed for working professionals to take up the classes on weekends there is 24 7 support and the instructors have 10 plus years of experience in working as digital marketers themselves luckily for you there are no prerequisites to take up this course everything is start from scratch and also you have lifetime access to the lectures to come back and revisit the course even after you finish so go ahead and start your journey to become a digital marketer today thank you for watching this video if you have any doubts please leave a message in the comment section happy learning i hope you have enjoyed listening to this video please be kind enough to like it and you can comment any of your doubts and queries and we will reply them at the earliest do look out for more videos in our playlist and subscribe toour blog to learn more about Digital Marketing.

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