In the vast world of digital marketing, two words remain very much talked about. First is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), second, we have PPC (Pay Per Click). Both of these come under digital marketing. But the question of many people remains which is the better platform out of these two to do digital marketing. Because both are very famous and their results are also very good. Today we are going to answer your question about whether SEO is better than or PPC model.

1. PPC (Pay Per Click)

Before knowing the beauty of PPC, let’s know a little about it, what is a PPC model? PPC is also called Pay Per Click. When a company or any person gets their business promoted through ads and an internet user clicks on that ad. Then that person has to give some amount to Google Ads. This amount is determined by his bidding. Apart from Google, there are many ad networks such as Bing is also a popular ad network. Let us try to understand it with the help of an example. So that you understand better what this PPC model is and how it works. Suppose you search for a product on Google. That product is shoes. When you search by writing shoes in it, then you must have seen that the website is on the top. Ad shows will be happening on them or ads will be written on those websites at the bottom. That’s what we call the PPC model. Google would also charge some amount to get these ads shown because the name of this model is Pay Per Click. That is, the number of times a user clicks on that particular ad. So he will have to pay the same number of times to the Google ads network.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Second, we have SEO which is also called search engine optimization. In this, you do not have to pay money like PPC. But in this, by targeting keywords related to your product and business. It has to be ranked on Google or any other search engine. The better you do SEO.

The sooner your content ranks on Google. The purpose of both PPC and SEO is the same to get your content or your business ranked on the first page on Google or any search engine. Because as much audience as you get on the first page, you do not get on any other page.

We all know very well that Google has become the world’s largest search engine in today’s time. That’s why most people keep their focus on the Google platform. so that their business can grow quickly.

Benefits Of PPC

1. Immediate Results

People use PPC to get quick results. This is also true to an extent. Because in this Google itself gets your content ranked on your target keyword. And shows ads on it. These keywords can be related to business. The site which is ranking on these keywords is where Google starts showing your ads. When you get so much traffic, you get to see results quickly in business.

2. Increase sale

When your ads show on the first page of search engines like Google. Then you can imagine how much quantity you reach your target audience. And from there the sales of your product start increasing. Because you are targeting your target audience. Therefore, your chances of getting a sale increase to a great extent.

3. High Returns

When a businessman chooses the PPC model for his business, he chooses this model thinking that he will get a high return. Because he has to pay for the click. If lakhs of visitors also clicked on that particular ad, then they would have to pay the full amount. Whether it is converted into ads cell or not. But this does not happen, there are very few chances when you are at loss after choosing the PPC model. Most people take high returns.

Disadvantages of PPC

1. Costly

The biggest disadvantage of doing PPC is that it costs a lot. Because of this we have to pay the amount of click on Google. When our ads are shown on the first page of Google, then more clicks come on our ads. Due to this it becomes very expensive.

2. Ads Costly

Its second disadvantage is that the price of every ad is not the same. The value of every ad is different, some are expensive and some are cheap. And many times it happens that the value of ads becomes so high that people are unable to place bids on them.

3. Sale Conversion

When a visitor clicks on your ads and they reach your product. So it is not necessary that he should buy your product. But still, you have to pay for Google ads. Because that visitor has clicked on your ads. That’s why sometimes it happens that people have to suffer a lot.

Advantages OF SEO

1. No Costly

The first and best advantage of Search Engine Optimizers is that it does not cost much money. According to PPC, a very small investment has to be made which is a one-time investment. This money is spent on buying your domain and hosting. After this, you have to do SEO well and get your content ranked on Google.

2. Customer Through Organic Search

In SEO, you get to see more and more customers through organic searches. But this did not happen in PPC, but we had to pay for the customer. But nothing like this happens in SEO. No matter how much traffic comes to your site, you do not have to pay a single penny. And you get this traffic from organic search.

3. Improve Your Business

As we have just learned that SEO only asks for a one-time investment. After this, your content always keeps on ranking in Google. As long as you want to rank it. The longer your content ranks on Google, the more it will benefit your business. People will know about your business. When Google is all over the world, your content will also be in the whole world. People from all corners of the world will know about your business and connect with you.

Disadvantages of SEO

1. Time Taken

You must have heard a proverb. Whatever has advantages also has disadvantages. Similarly, SEO also has some disadvantages. Its first disadvantage is that the results in SEO are seen after a long time. It is not like PPC in that you will get to see the results from day one. SEO takes a lot of time. Sometimes it takes years for organic traffic to arrive. It depends on what kind of content you have. What type of keyword are you targeting? This thing is kept in mind while doing SEO.

2. No Guaranty Result

The second biggest disadvantage of SEO is that you do not have any guarantee that you will get to see the result. It may also happen that your content is not ranked on Google. Or it may also happen that your content gets ranked. Google ranks any content by a factor of 200. If you fill these things, then your content will soon be ranked on big search engines like Google.

3. Hard Process

SEO is a very difficult process. Because in this we have to take care of small things. If there is even the slightest mistake. So our content will never rank on the first page of Google. Therefore, while doing SEO, we should keep in mind the smallest things.

SEO vs PPC Which Best

SEO and PPC both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have a good budget then you can use PPC. If you have less budget then you can use SEO. The benefit reaches both, but if it is seen in some, then it takes time in some. There will be many people who will think that SEO is useless. But their thinking is absolutely wrong because you work hard and prepare any content and do its SEO well. So your content ranks. But it takes some time because in today’s time you will find competition in whatever field you go to. Because today is the time of competition. Nothing can be achieved with less effort these days. If you really want to do something in life then you have to work hard. SEO is best or PPC depends on you. Both are best in themselves but how you implement those things is up to you.


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